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Babies and Children - Carrying

Pros and cons of carrying: My grandmother says: "Let him down, he can walk on his own." - How good carrying is is also shown by the fact that the...

"Let him down, he can walk." - But he doesn't want to be carried at the moment and prefers to be carried. I can also go to the restaurant alone, but I'd rather be there as a couple (#parents longing).

Children need and want a lot of closeness (some more, others less). The closeness, the contact, the feeling of breathing, the connection that allows every need and feeling to be felt more intensely, gives great security.

Carrying is simply good. Whispering, stroking and kissing the child is independent of age. When they are very small, it is easier to notice any discomfort and to control body temperature, as well as to satisfy the great need for closeness. Carrying gives security, carrying calms and can work wonders when falling asleep. That depends on the child, but the stretcher was a guarantee for us to fall asleep if the way to dreamland just didn't work out. In the case of severe abdominal pain/colic, the carrying bag can also work, but it doesn't have to, as an alternative there is the spring cradle. Lying and rocking may help better than direct proximity.

I've observed a few situations where the need to be caught, to recharge closeness and briefly the exhausted legs and world pain in general was not seen (didn't want to be seen) by parents. A quick push, half a minute wearing and the little one starts running again. This refueling can be very helpful. Loud crying is often just the helplessness of not being able to express your own need/feeling in any other way.

The child cannot behave in a disciplined manner on the way to the bakery/drugstore etc. in the afternoon! Countering the groaning with a clear "Come on, it's already over there." tends to lead to the opposite. If the parent now puts aside their own afternoon tiredness, carries the child for a short time, cuddles them tightly and, depending on how much strength is left, smiles a little or a lot, it works much better and at least 5 minutes of motivation and running follow. Sometimes just as much as you need. If the child is completely broken and that doesn't help, then I recommend just pulling through and carrying.

Further advantages are free hands, if the kids can already walk, you don't have to coordinate them on the sidewalk or on the train because they are in the carrier 😊. Depending on the situation and terrain, it can be super practical to be out and about without a stroller, be it hiking in the forest or on vacation, lots of stairs in the park, etc.

I carried my children sometimes more sometimes less from birth up to about 3.5 years in carrier bags and carriers, sometimes completely, sometimes as a supplement to the pram. As a newborn still a lot, later depending on the situation and excursions. I found the one from Limas to be the most flexible and best carrier and I never used any other after that. I'm a bit proud that I'm allowed to sell it in my small online store. It is flexible because it can be precisely adjusted without two loops on each side, extremely handy (easily rolled up and stowed away to save space) and soft and comfortable to wear. In the meantime, Öko-Test has even given it a “very good” rating. I can fully recommend them 😊

Enjoy wearing them, enjoy the closeness, the look into their eyes and the quiet breathing when they sleep. A moment later they're kicking on the soccer field and they're almost as tall as me 😊

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