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Mental Load – an eye opener for in between and a topic of conversation for the evening

mental load #Equal Rights #BalanceInTheRelationship #PlanningAndEverythingElse #ChildrenOrga What is it? Didn't we divide everything fairly? Discussing the forgotten mental load brings a lot, especially understanding for each other.

#Equal Rights #BalanceInTheRelationship #PlanningAndEverythingElse #ChildrenOrga

What is it? Didn't we divide everything fairly? Discussing the forgotten mental load brings a lot, especially understanding for each other.

Children are happiness, they are incredibly proud, they bring tears and we do our best for them. They also mean planning, organisation, stress, pressure and cutbacks, in order to keep everything as small as possible and to emphasize the good and beautiful, couples try to organize paid work and unpaid household work + childcare and increasingly divide it between the partners as equally as possible.

I heard Mental Load for the first time last year and when we talked about it as a couple, it became clear that this is a topic that hadn't been named before. In this area we had a clear inequality. What exactly is it about? Lots of little things and everything else, i.e. typical management tasks 😉:

Thinking about and organizing U-examinations, vaccinations, dentist, hairdresser, buying new clothes, trying on and sorting out old ones, passing them on or giving them away, talking to parents to meet friends, writing shopping lists and getting important things in time (diapers, etc .), have fever suppositories in stock, cut nails, keep bathing days (before the little ones stink), check pencil cases and provide spare erasers, do laundry, have enough detergent, plan birthday parties (motto, friends, decorations, gifts, gift ideas for grandma, friends ), organizing gifts for other birthdays and Christmas (child friends, own friends, family), maintaining the family organizer (entering and organizing appointments by the week), organizing hobbies and accessories (shoes, clothes), keeping an eye on the WhatsApp group and meeting on Participate in a Christmas present for the trainer, pay for household contents insurance and the radio license fee.

Hand on heart, who makes this off the list? Of your own accord and without asking for credit for it? Of course everyone has their "thing" and takes care of it themselves, that's a good thing. However, it actually helped me and I saw that when I'm already enjoying the end of the day, my better half still organizes and enters it in the weekly planner and just thinks about something for the family and can switch off later. Since it is not really obvious and can happen on the side, these numerous tasks are somewhat lost when the other more typical tasks (washing laundry, cooking, shopping, working) are divided up and those who carry the mental load almost alone feel the pressure and (more) strain , but cannot grasp it and name where the pressure is coming from.

Whoever talks about it wins, as always 😊. Recognizing that there is all this important and necessary organization that Mental Load really is there is the first step in supporting one another and, depending on the relationship model (ironically on), dividing equally, unequally, fairly or even more equally ( irony out).

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