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SOFT clay nawaro, set of 4 M "Eco Princess" or Balu

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Variant "Eco" Princess - pink, pink, violet, turquoise - 4 x 150g or Balu orange, brown, white, black - 4x 150g

Extra soft play dough and modeling clay made from renewable raw materials. Natural modeling clay that even small children can use to effortlessly shape their imaginations. The mass is protected from drying out in the handy can. As a modeling clay, it is also well suited for filigree work. After approx. 1 day in the air, the creative mass begins to dry and is hardened after 2-3 days. Shrinks by about 10% when drying, softens again when wrapped in a damp cloth.

Everything at a glance:

  • Due to the high salt content, we recommend use under adult supervision.
  • The natural creative mass can be washed out. Can be brushed out of textiles when dry.
  • Shrinks by about 10% when drying, softens again when wrapped in a damp cloth.

  • Made of renewable raw materials (#nawaro)
  • The entry of dirt or bacteria can spoil and mold the natural product.
  • Ingredients: wheat flour, salt, alum, ureum, potassium sorbate. Natural color extracts and nature-identical food and cosmetic colors, food preservatives. Bitter substance: denatonium benzoate.
  • Dimensions: L28xW7xH7 cm
colour: Eco Princess
colour: Eco Princess

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