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Lima's baby carrier - Flora Honey Moon

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Farbe: Flora Honeymoon
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LIMAS baby carriers are the most convenient and comfortable baby carriers and make carrying a relaxed and intimate moment between parents and baby.

The LIMAS baby carrier is a combination of a sling and a comfort carrier. It is sewn entirely from organic sling fabric and nestles particularly nicely against you and your baby.

The LIMAS has a buckled hip belt and the straps are tightened when the stretcher is put on and closed with a double knot. This makes them easy to use and even if different people want to carry the baby, there is no need to readjust the carrier. The carrier is very compact due to the straps that narrow towards the bottom and can also be easily stowed away on the go.

You can always adapt the LIMAS exactly to the individual proportions of your baby with the help of the adjustable bar and the foldable hip belt. This ensures an ergonomic and comfortable sitting position for your baby - from birth to infancy.

In the LIMAS you can carry your baby snuggled in front of your stomach, on your back or on your side and thus enjoy maximum comfort.

Thanks to the shoulder straps of the LIMAS that can be fanned out, the weight of your baby is evenly distributed over your back. The shoulder straps are sewn from double-layer sling fabric. Between these two layers of fabric there is a sewn-in pocket into which a shoulder pad can be inserted if desired. The special thing about the nature/beige carrier is that it is also reversible and can be worn from both sides.

So it's really easy to use, comfortable to wear and looks beautiful at the same time. Thanks to my own years of experience, I can really recommend the stretcher with all my heart.

everything important at a glance:

  • For babies from size 50 to 86 (3 to 15 kg)
  • Can be worn in front, on the side and on the back
  • Grows continuously with
  • Correct squat-spread posture thanks to the continuously adjustable bar (from 20 to 42 cm)
  • Straight, padded hip belt with padded buckle (adjustable from 60 to 140 cm, hip belt extension possible)
  • The height of the back part can be adjusted by folding down the hip belt
  • Expandable shoulder straps (15 cm wide), narrow with insertable shoulder pads (included)
  • Chest strap included for carrying on the back
  • Material: 100% cotton from certified organic farming
  • Area weight: 230 g/m2
  • Jacquard weave
  • Color: Flora Honey Moon
  • #ORGANIC #German Design Award Winner 2020

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