Oli & Carol

Behind Oli & Carol are two sisters from Spain who founded in 2016. They have specialized in cool and above all natural toys. Since it was founded, the company's leitmotif has been caring for the environment and offering natural and sustainable products that are produced in a handmade process.

There are two product lines, stylish and practical rubber toys for babies and toddlers and interactive, educational do-it-yourself toys for children.

All products are basically plastic-free and consist of 100% natural materials. The bath toys are not only beautiful, made exclusively from natural materials, but also very hygienic, as they are easy to clean and have no opening. The teething rings are authentically designed and playfully introduce the little ones to trying fruit and vegetables. The DIY sets are really innovative, a meaningful and fun activity for children that ends in a great sense of achievement! Convince yourself! We are completely and are happy to be able to offer you Oli & Carol products!