Plantoys, a particularly sustainable manufacturer from Thailand, stands for innovative, beautiful & great toys made of wood, which are produced in a particularly sustainable white. The wooden toys are packed in plastic-free boxes. Any pockets and small bags are made of cotton.

The Plantoys wooden toyis made of either PlanWood, solid wood or parts of both. Both are made from the wood of the caoutchouc tree/rubber tree after it can no longer release caoutchouc after about 25 years. This means that not a single tree is felled especially for the production of the great Plantoys toy particularly sustainable.

Parts made of solid wood:
100% wood from the rubber tree from reforestation, the wood is in Drying ovens dried, colors are water-based and without harmful heavy metals.

Will be made from the in the production resulting sawdust. The sawdust is colored with organic pigments and pressed together under high pressure with a small amount of formaldehyde-free E-Zero adhesive to form PlanWood. Color cannot flake off because it is dyed through.